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fencing in…

i got two spam comments tonight.

i followed one to his website and wish i didn’t.

this seems timely after my last post about wanting to put a bubble around my kids.

and i will remain in prayer for the lives i witnessed on his blog. dear god.

even if those comments were random, it is no longer worth it to me to be out in the open.

so, i am in the process of making my blog password protected.

stick sculpture

part of what i love about this blogland is connecting with people i wouldn’t otherwise, finding kindred spirits, feeling surrounded by others who i have never met, nurturing relationships with those i know, satisfying a creative hunt, finding hope in what others offer. i am not ready to lose that, but i am ready to bring the fence a little closer in.

stick sculpture

what this means is that i have a username/password for anyone who wants to access this blog (well, unless you make my stomach hurt).

just leave me a comment and i will pass that info back to you.

if i understand wordpress procedure correctly, you will (eventually) use that to log in and we continue on in a blissful blog bubble.
stick sculpture

oh, yuck.


One comment on “fencing in…

  1. lorel (Meg's sister)
    August 13, 2008

    hey kristen, sorry to hear about your nasty spam. My husband is a newspaper reporter, and after every article online, there is a comment section. People leave some of the most hateful, awful comments I could ever think of. It is sobering. I hope you continue with both of your blogs. I haven’t commented for awhile but have enjoyed reading about your kitty in jail/school and your Obama loving Canadian grandmother. I love your wit and your attitude and your beautiful photos. Keep up the wonderful work, both online and in real life with your family and with your preschool.

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