prairie daze

claiming our daze and our days on the prairie

hay loft children

naomi’s book group read “the box car children”
and then we hosted a box-car-ish sleepover.

the most fun to me was tidying up the hay loft…
we hung more lights,
made tables out of flower pots and boards,
brought real plants in,
hay loft joy

picked herbs and lettuce to nibble on,
claimed the old rabbit cage as food-storage-bin
and yes, eliza is wearing a dog harness…
make believe sally prop for her, handy tool for me.

it was a stormy night and we finished off in the basement
with all the wildnerness movies i could find:
the amazing panda adventure,
the wilderness family,
pippi on the run
and grizzly mountain.

and then today…dealing with over-tired kids.

cranky sunny

i hate the days after late nights.

renewing for me:
being with friends and
eating a hard boiled local egg
with dill from my new plant.


6 comments on “hay loft children

  1. AnnaMarie
    June 7, 2008

    Can we have a sleepover there in September??

  2. katiecl
    June 7, 2008

    that loft looks like a dream come true!

  3. Dad/Opa
    June 7, 2008

    This is absolutely magical. A memory Naomi, Micah and Eliza will NEVER EVER forget. Way to go!

    Love you lots,


  4. Mom/Oma
    June 7, 2008

    That’s my girl!! Love it! I would have loved to be there…
    Big hug,


  5. Rae
    June 8, 2008

    What a wonderful memory/party/hayloft/experience!
    (And yes, I agree… the mornings after are the hardest part!)

  6. megan duerksen
    June 9, 2008

    how very cool.
    i read very few books growing up (ADD) but that is one that i did read and i loved it.
    that is the coolest way to encourage reading.

    and i too hate the day after the most fun events.
    crabby monster kids and a crabby mama too.

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