prairie daze

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the old bridge

naomi and micah found a spot not far from our home that they call “the old bridge.”  naomi took off to read there this afternoon and when i went to get her, i thought i would record the journey.

you leave the grass of our yard to the concrete and gravel of the construction company’s parking lot,

go past the scrap pile

journey to the old bridge

follow the path

journey to the old bridge

peek in the storage shed

notice the beautiful “flowers”

and arrive at the old bridge

journey to the old bridge

to the adult eye, this is a series of boards to keep someone’s feet out of the mud…to them it is a get-away.

journey to the old bridge

and the wonder of escaping when home is simply obscured by the fence

peeking through the fence

2 comments on “the old bridge

  1. ang
    May 18, 2008

    mmmm…i’d like to escape to the old bridge – it’s reminiscent of the lilac bushes at the corner of our yard growing up…many a wonderous thing happened in the lilacs…safely away

  2. megan duerksen
    May 19, 2008

    i think my kids need an old bridge.
    if we’d turn off the tv…maybe they’d find one. :)

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