prairie daze

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random house

oh, thanks to friends we did get our own gingerbread house to decorate.

this has been a season of release for me…and this was one more opportunity. when i decorate my side at my mom and dad’s, there is order and patterning, symmetry and color. my brother’s is an amazingly random collection of what is within his reach. i have much to learn from that. yesterday was a chance to work on that.

our house reminded me of uncle jonny.

and it is beautifully random, sweet, and full of color.

thank you, lucy, sophie, auggie, wyatt, levi, andrea and pete : )


2 comments on “random house

  1. megan duerksen
    December 11, 2007

    bad dog.
    it was beautiful while it lasted.
    it’s the process…not the outcome that matters…right?
    oh…bad dog.
    do you need an apple-tini?
    i would.

  2. Elisabeth
    December 12, 2007

    Lovely happy. But not the dog…

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