prairie daze

claiming our daze and our days on the prairie

containers everywhere

there are containers
and containers
and containers
and containers
and containers
and containers
of things collected.
old juice (to see what will happen)
beer caps
railroad spikes
frogs (i let you go when i find you, tho!)
popped balloons
flower tops
popsicle sticks
plastic toys
more dirt
more dirt
more dirt

before i had my own kids and
when i was in the early stages
of mothering,
i dreamt of these

full of things
considered treasures.
i thought it would be cool
and whole to allow this freedom.
that it would be enough to watch
a child discover and find a way to hold on to it.

so now i am sorry
when i see only the mess
only the container that needs to be washed
the container that may be ruined
because these things
were soaked in rain
and dried out…
the guilt of recycling a dirty container
or not recycling it at all.

i know now more than ever
the mystery of living with both:

realizing this is a dream come true that will need to be cleaned up

3 comments on “containers everywhere

  1. Danelle
    September 18, 2007

    I should ship my old tupperware to your house!

  2. chikaustin
    September 19, 2007

    So, so, so very true! Thanks for finding me, now I found you. Sorry, for the rhyme. I was inspired! ;)

  3. katiecl
    September 19, 2007

    this gap between perspectives and the closing of it is a good reminder. this blog is full of reminders. how valuable to know that what is a dream come true is also something that needs cleaning up (thus, real life itself).

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