prairie daze

claiming our daze and our days on the prairie

farmin’ it

oh, there is a wonderful annual event called day on the farm…
mama and daddy were tired, but the kids were so happy to go.
the favorite activities: horse riding, which naomi did with lydia, so no photo…

watching newborn pigs nursing (eliza feeling envious?)

rope making

and the very exciting pig chasing (this kind of makes me cringe)…


2 comments on “farmin’ it

  1. katiecl
    August 19, 2007

    LOVE the video!! It makes your images even more alive. Love hearing voices and seeing how everyone moves.

  2. Irene and Abe Neufeld - OMA / OPA
    August 21, 2007

    Oma – makes me cringe too – Lovely video – Eliza in Gorgeous … would have liked to be part of it. LUV ya Oma/omi and Opa/opi

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