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s is for saturday

credit: i know there are blogs out there with w is for wednesday, th thursday, etc…i couldn’t resist an alphabet themed post…so thank you for the inspiration!


s is for scraper…our trusty friend…


s is for swimming…inside because it rained all day…cozy…


s is for strips of old wallpaper the kids made into a nest…then put in a tree…


s is for supper in the midst of more scraping…


s is for sally kisses…we took a family walk/training session after supper…sally-kisses.jpg


s is for silly…maybe the old wallpaper paste is getting to us…actually, i hope not…

2 comments on “s is for saturday

  1. Irene and Abe Neufeld - OMA / OPA
    July 2, 2007

    Hey! You bring your family right to our home in Winnipoeg. Grerat!!!!! One exclamation mark for each of you and one for the four legged membewr of your household?!?!? Thank you for keeping up your very awesome blog… How many sleeps till we see you in Markham? Love you lots OMA/omi and OPA/opi.

  2. nonlineargirl
    July 3, 2007

    I love that – at my house we are deep into A is for, etc.

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