prairie daze

claiming our daze and our days on the prairie


oh boy, or should i say, oh girl…

we are busy with this pup.

she’s getting used to her leash after three walks with naomi today…
she sleeps well in her kennel next to our bed…
she got her first toy from her first friend, josie…
eliza holds her face and says:
i luuuuuuhv voooooooo, i luuuuuuuuhv vooooooooo
(conicidentally the same thing she does to daddy)…
her number of chew toys are increasing…
she hasn’t pooped inside…
our wood floor is mighty clean since we have had to clean up pee…
she didn’t complain at all when we put her “coming home” outifit on…
the kids remain thrilled and jerry calls himself daddy to her…


One comment on “sally

  1. katiecl
    June 11, 2007

    some friends of ours in colorado had this kind of dog — they are the ones who gave us maggie. their dog was great! they did a lot of research and other searching to find a pure bred. i think they traveled to oklahoma to get him as a puppy (that’s how careful they were!) and he was exPENsive! funny to think you just picked one up at a festival!

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