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date night

thanks to nana and papa, we went out for a date this weekend. the last time i went out with women-friends, i was told that i looked like a nicolas cage fan (remember, jen and sara?)…well, i guess i am because i chose to see the movie:


close to the beginning, jerry leaned over and said, “well, it’s not a complicated plot.” oh but that was fine with me…i appreciated the predictability of it…the safety in knowing what would probably happen…and for the record: it wasn’t a great movie…way too much violence for me…not redemptive…but wonderful to be in a quiet place together. i also had a pasta dish at supper that was as good as any i ever had…i’ve never had better…much to be grateful for…again.

p.s. speaking of movies, i love the site common sense media…looks like i should have read it before our date…


One comment on “date night

  1. Opa
    May 6, 2007

    As good as my lasagna? :-)

    I know, it’s actually possible!

    Love you!

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