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hey cousins!?!?!?

i just found my cousin karly’s blog by wandering through my own stats…are there more relatives out there? if you are, let me know! memories are flooding me…this is a picture we took the last time we visited my grandpa’s grave…there is a stone for each of us…

(for the rest of you: i have tens of cousins living in canada…haven’t seen most in years.)


2 comments on “hey cousins!?!?!?

  1. Anonymous
    April 30, 2007

    What a surprise to log on and see that you found us! It’s amazing to stay involved in the lives of the people that you love but never get the chance really know. It’s like a little window into a world that you often wonder about.
    And i LOVE that you have a picture of Ops’s rocks. The years had worn all the letters off, so i painted a new set for Nan for christmas. Apparently Nan was a little selfish and kept the new rocks for her house! So we are all tucked in along the front of her porch among the pansies.

  2. the neufeld epp family
    April 30, 2007

    i treasure the image of the rocks among the pansies…so glad you did that for her….i’m thinking of doing it for myself…i love rocks…we have pansies…glad to hear from you! love!

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