prairie daze

claiming our daze and our days on the prairie

tea party

i did a good job of balancing morning at home.
with a pot of coffee (thank you, jerry), i folded
laundry (no small accomplishment) and played
with legos before doing a couple of preschool
jobs on the computer. then we had a 10:00
tea party…with an emphasis on cozy.
micah wanted his animals to come (sweet) and
for it to be pretty because then it would be cozy.





the calm joy lasted a short, short while
before sweet tea and jam bread were dripped
and smeared and clothes were damp…
then we went outside.

but first, the animals were put
down for a cozy nap:

cozy-animals.jpg cozy-animals-2.jpg

One comment on “tea party

  1. megan duerksen
    April 12, 2007

    it all looks so familiar . . .
    i need to stop for more tea parties. we even have some of the same stuffed animals!
    i haven’t seen Naomi for a long time! she’s so grown up. they all look so alike too. adorable!

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