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glad easter day



our day was full and long. we started with opening a package from the markham easter bunny (thank you!) and headed off for an early service at church…delivering paska to neighbors on our way. church was a glorious experience of moving through the stations of christ…great attention to detail: live violin music, stones to feel and walk on, fish and bread to taste, beautiful. after eating together as a church, we had an inspiring easter service together. we headed to the farm after church where we ate and held the new baby cousin and hunted for eggs. the newton easter bunny was also very busy! then we headed back to town to visit grandma. she was very sleepy, but smiled at the kids…many moments to be reminded of the joy and peace christ has to offer…


blowing-eggs.jpg coloring-eggs.jpg blown-eggs.jpg

egg blowing and decorating



enjoying our first first cousin!!!



watching the paska bake


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  1. katie
    April 11, 2007


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